Metamorphosis– Crimes of Gregor Samsa

Crimes of Gregor Samsa Gregor Samsa’s crimes originate from his intense devotion to his family and his work, which in turn makes him intently devout to the conformist society that creates his world. Although Gregor’s crimes are not that of what one might consider to be normal and the arousal of his motivations instigate from values different from what would be perceived as normal, his crimes are still, in fact, crimes. Within the text of Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, Gregor becomes the victim of an odd punishment, the transformation into a despicable and horrid bug, that indirectly benefits all of Gregor’s previously mentioned motivations. Gregor’s transformation is due to his crimes, which include stealing the position of head of his house from his father, alienating as well as losing himself in his work, and becoming a conformist in a society that needs deviation to define and justify its conformity. Gregor’s punishment of transformation gives him the ability to repent for all the crimes for which he has been convicted of by himself and society and make right all of his aforementioned wrongs. Gregor becomes pressed into service due to a debt his father brings upon himself and his family as a result of previous business failures, something no human should have to endure. Gregor had no choice except to undertake the responsibilities of his father. Unfortunately, “the son cannot put himself in the father’s position without the father’s putting himself into the son’s position” (Kaiser 152). Gregor’s father has become lazy and all but useless to everyone in his family due to Gregor’s switching in responsibilities. The father accepts this switch, apparently enjoying his time relaxing as oppose to making himself a useful and productive member of the family. When Gregor takes over as head of the house, he also brings upon himself the animosity of his father. “Gregor’s competence at his job after…

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