Men in the 21st century

Men in the Twenty-First Century Now, in the two thousand four, it seems like more men than ever are coming for cosmetic and plastic surgery. A man looking handsome is one of the most difficult things to achieve or realize. There’s too much competition out there for a man to look good and feel better than others. Some men are more vain than women. Knowing that women need make up and a little of everything to look prettier, they use other methods that the market offers, both cheap and expensive to make their faces, bodies, hair, etc., look even better. That’s why most men go to specialists and plastic surgeons to make themselves look as perfect as they ever imagine. Men always want to look good. It seems like a big competition among fellows, especially teenagers, who always have to look good for the night, date, party, job; they never stop buying all different types of colognes, clothes. They even make sacrifices to be able to buy new cars to impress everyone wherever they go. What is most interesting is that men take good care of themselves probably more than women. “It’s the Adonis factor, “said Anne Marshall, founder of WomanTrend. “Men are taking care of themselves in ways we’d never see with our fathers or grandfathers.” (Ebenkamp 19). Marketing has been a powerful factor for men to become more vain; they aren’t offering the regular products like razors and shaving creams; they are creating others like body wash, hair styling aids, moisturizers and exfoliating scrubs for the face (Bittar 27). This is creating a tremendous curiosity on men which make them buy these products and spend money unnecessarily. Most of the products that the markets offer don’t really seem helpful; I cannot say that none of them work; they just take longer to show results and making the consumer spend more money. The importance of appearance always affects both men and women. …

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