Medical Errors leading cause of death

Student will compose a research proposal for a potential research project. The research proposal could serve as the foundation for an action research project to be completed as part of the requirements for Capstone Course during semester four of the program. The proposal will address all of the elements outlined in Appendix A of the textbook (see Appendix C for an example proposal), include a sample Request for Review submission to Institutional Review Board (IRB), and an example of a data collection tool along with instructions for its use. The proposal should be 12-15 pages in length, double-spaced, include a title page, and conform to APA style and formatting. Papers will be evaluated on the following specific criteria, as well as the general criteria for papers in the BSOL Learning Guide: (Specific instructions regarding the subject and information needed for the proposal in red) The research proposal is the subject of Healthcare. Proposal is regarding Medical errors that lead to death? Way too many people are being harmed by unintentional Medical errors in hospitals around the world. Statistics say approximately 1000 people per day. What are the Medical errors that are occurring that lead to death and what are the best ways to reduce Medical errors?

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