“Medea and Lysistrata- the different figures”

“Medea and Lysistrata- the different figures” Women has very important role in the society today. In 5th /6th century, women’s were not even supposed to get out of the house and they had very little respects. But, there are two books that we read Medea and Lysistrata that made huge difference in their character. They are very popular among society good ways and bad ways because they were total opposite from what the women were supposed to do. To get something or if they promise something, they did what ever it took to fulfill their missions. Medea is a character that the author shows that she is very strong and powerful in a very bad way. She takes the role of men and shows masculinity. She was hated among the society because she killed her own children and this is something only a horrible, witch like mother can do. Page 86 line 795-796,” “? I shall leave the land and flee from the murder of my dear children”?”. Also, Euripides makes Medea say that women are best to do evil things. Page 72 line407-409,” What is more, you were born a women, and women, though most helpless in doing good deeds, are of every evil the cleverest of contrivers”. It shows that how the author’s putting the women down and all medea can think of is doing bad things and she thinks that all women are evil like her. There is no good in her at all. She is kind of like a witch too because she knows lots of spells and with her magic she kills the princess in page 86 line783. And, just to take revenge on her husband she kills everyone, the princess, Creon, her own father, and even her children. To her, even if she’s left all alone in the world, all she cared about was taking revenge. The chorus even says in page 73, that she will suffer now that she lost everything, like princess taking over her husband, she can’t turn to her father (house-because she killed …

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