Martin Luther King’s Day of 2003.

My Wreck On Sunday, Martin Luther King’s Day of 2003, some of my friends and I decided to go out. We planned to go to a party in my new car, a Honda Civic. I was trying to get over a bad break up with my boyfriend, Brandon, and going party seemed like a good idea. Around 8 o’clock, Kristin and I left my house to meet some of our friends in Ville Platte. We stopped at a gas station to fill up and we asked a stranger to buy us some alcohol. Before we left, the man man’s words were, “be careful and do not drink and drive.” Of course our response was, “Ok, we won’t,” but we went against our words and started drinking once we arrived at our friends house. It was about 10 o’clock when all of us left to go to the party. As our friends took off in front of us, I had to speed to catch up and follow them. It was an old Ford truck I was following. Down the dark, curvy, roads, we were going very fast and following extremely close. After driving a little ways, Brandon called me from the party we were heading too. We started fussing and screaming at each other. On the phone, going 70 miles per hour with no seat belts on, I went to change the radio station. As I was changing the song, Kristin screams, ” Lainey, watch out!!” When I looked up, it was too late to slam on my brakes. I had already smashed into the back of the truck I was following. Everyone rushed out of the truck and I jumped out of my car. Our first moves were getting the alcohol out of the car, then I rushed over to Kristin to see is she was ok. Her face was smothered with blood. I ran to get my phone, but I found it in pieces on my dashboard. Our friends that were following us, brought Kristin to the hospital, but I had to stay at the scene of the accident. Luckily, I was not hurt. I was only terrified and lost. I did not know what to do. I didn’t want to tell my parents because my car was brand new, …

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