Martin Luther King Leadership Essay and Biography

Leadership Project Guidelines (DUE DURING FINALS WEEK) General Guidelines: Projects will be presented in the form of a reading of a traditional paper, and in the form of a Power Point presentation. Papers should be in the five ? seven page range, not including the works cited page, and should be formatted in MLA style. The project is worth a maximum of 200 points, half of the available points in the course. A weighting of this proportion in a class at this level of college study implies depth of coverage and quality, including the writing itself and the power point. . Specific Guidelines: Select a person in a leadership position, either from the possibilities we have distributed in class or on your own. If you choose a person on your own, you will need to clear the choice with us. Research a brief biography of the person: age, gender, place of birth, education and/or experience background, current leadership position, etc. Research any formal leadership training the person has had; this may or may not show up in the education background, e.g. an MBA would have leadership training built into the curriculum. If the leadership training is part of the education background, try to discern what type it was. If there is formal leadership training and it is not part of the education background, identify what type it is. Research the current leadership position, describing it and analyzing the responsibilities entailed in it. Research and describe the person?s successes and setbacks in the position. Analyze the person?s apparent approach to leadership, specifically within the context of the course content material we have covered. In the analysis, you should include the following: o Approach to leadership o Apparent assumptions about people o Strengths in the approach o Opportunities for improvement

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