Mark Twain was one of the first humorist and theoretic American authors.

Mark Twain He was one of the first humorist and theoretic American authors, this is Mark Twain. He was a loving husband, as well as a father. Rising above his own expectations he became a widely known novelist throughout the world. In Florida, Missouri on November 30, 1835, a child was born to John and Jane Marshall Clemens. He was a healthily baby boy by the name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Samuel grew up in the Hannibal, Missouri community. As a child he was often sick and would be weak. He was sent to school, but was pulled out at the age of twelve because of the sudden death of his father. Samuel was sent to be an apprentice at the local printers, to help support his family. When he was an apprentice he started his writing talents alone. As his writing talents were at their pinnacle he became acquainted to Olivia Langdon. They were wed on February 2, 1870. They decided to settle down Buffalo, New York and were soon welcomed with the birth of their first son Langdon Clemens, but young Langdon died only a few weeks old. A couple of years later they had a second child, a daughter, by the name of Susy. Samuel was overjoyed with being a new father. His family was very important to him, and above every thing else. Samuel created a pen name for himself, Mark Twain, during the start of his publications. He started his works as an apprentice without anyone’s knowledge. By the age of eighteen he was tired of hiding he went on a traveling spree which held countless careers. When he settled down, he began writing for newspapers, such as The Tribune and The Express. During his traveling he worked on countless pieces, manufacturers wanted to make a volume exclusively for these many small works. He worked on organizing and rewriting these pieces for a year. It was published in the winter of 1868, and was titled Innocents Abroad. This was one of the bestsellers during that time. He became a very rich man from this time. …

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