Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes

1. Introduction Breakdown 2. Outline 3. Whole Essay/Speech This is a Persuasive Speech: 1. First is the Introduction Breakdown. This is the example of how it has to be done: Attention Getter: As of August 16th 2012, according to the Gallup research organization, America’s rating of the job being done by Congress has tied the all-time low of only 10%. It has never in the history of Gallup been lower than what it is right now. Statement of Central Idea: Today, I will persuade the audience that politicians would be better policy-makers if Congress imposed term limits on them. Preview of Main Points: I will explain to the audience how, for many politicians, Congress is a lifelong career. Therefore, they must focus on how to stay in office rather than focus on what is best for the people and our country. I will also show that, since Congress is based on a seniority system, the politicians with enough influence to make significant changes have become disconnected from the very people they are supposed to be representing. And finally, I will explain how we as a country can fix this problem. 2. I need an outline. I will upload the example. 3. I need it all put together. It is a persuasive speech and has to be 3:00 min long +/- :30. A minimum of three current, authored/titled sources are required for all speeches and should be cited in APA citation format on the last page of your outline (*see text for bibliographic form). All speech topics require research from formal sources. Your presentation must reflect this research through citations (oral footnotes) of your supporting material(s). All sources must be cited in 3 different places: 1. Verbally in oral footnotes as you actually deliver your speech. 2. Written in in-text citations in the text of your outline. In-text citations should follow the guidelines found in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th Edition). 3. Written in a references list immediately following your outline. The citations in your references list should follow the guidelines found in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th Edition). ***I have to use at least 3 sources and they include:

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