Mankind has evolved by time from society controlled by a system of order called government.

Mankind has evolved by time from society controlled by a system of order called government. Government exists as only a system of organization and control for the safety and rights of people to live in liberty and happiness. People united in different groups have created a government that would best fit their morals and priorities that have evolved from problems around them. People then decided to split up and take sides on land and beliefs and create a new system of government depending on the issues of their society. As people continued to move about and create different governments and systems of order, morals began to change to best fit their government and their priorities changed as their beliefs and morals evolved with society’s government. America was created in this way in the eyes of Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau was born in Massachusetts and in the early 1800s. America in the early 1800s was young and going through drastic changes to be a civilized nation. Thoreau grew up observing all of the changes that the nation, as a whole in society, was going through and developed ideas and arguments supporting his perspective of this young nation. The United States of America had developed a government called a democracy, which is a system of order controlled by the people and run by the people of the nation. Thoreau saw this as good type of order as long as it was respected and not taken over by people believing to be stronger or smarter than the rest of the people in society. Soon as the government had become corrupt and changed the priorities and morals of society, Thoreau saw this as an important issue to solve. He noticed that a government that controlled less people would be best for society’s issues and morals. A point in his life came up where he decided to reject all of society and its government and then write about it in journals. Thoreau then wrote most of his ideas in essays and expressed his ideas with support and …

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