managing personal performance and development

1.1:Agree specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time- bound (SMART) objectives that align with business needs with the line manager 1.2 Agree criteria for measuring progress and achievement with the line manager ? 1.3Complete tasks to agreed timescales and quality standards ? For the above three questions, make sure you show a SMART Plan in your area of work and explain what quality standards are required. This is to be sure that the agreed time for every specific jobs assigned will be enough for the staff assigned for the specific jobs. 1.4 Report problems beyond their own level of competence and authority to the appropriate person ? Give an example where you have had to report a problem/issue to the right person. 1.5 Take action needed to resolve any problems with personal performance ? Give an example when you have done something to manage a performance issue. Have taken actions to improved my staffs by always monitored their performances and put them on the tracks day by day. Always review their views and progress towards their performances. And always keep them informed of any arising developments. 2.1 Plan and manage workloads and priorities using time management tools and techniques Explain how you have used SMART to manage the tasks for your project. 2.2Take action to minimise distractions that are likely to limit the effective management of time and the achievement of objectives ? Give an example how you have managed interruptions that have got in the way of your work. 2.3 Explain the benefits of achieving an acceptable work-life balance ? Give an example of what positives there are for you in having a work-life balance 3.1 Identify organisational policies relating to personal development ? Name 2 policies that are related to your personal development. 3.2 Explain the need to maintain a positive attitude to feedback on performance ? Give an example of this. 3.3 Explain the potential business benefits of personal development ? Explain what positives there are in your area of work that has come from developing your self. 3.4Identify your own preferred learning style(s) ? What is your preferred learning style? Are you an Activist, Theorist, Reflector or Pragmatist? 3.5 Identify your own development needs from analyses of the ?role, personal and team objectives ? List 3 areas you need to develop to meet your objectives. 3.6 Use feedback from others to identify their own development ?needs ? Give an example of feedback you have received and as a consequence have identified some training needs for your self. 3.7 Agree specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time- ?bound (SMART) development objectives that align with organisational and personal needs ? Think of one SMART objective you feel will align with the organisational and your personal needs. 4.1 Agree a personal development plan that specifies actions, methods, resources, timescales and review mechanisms ? Show your personal development plan. 4.2Make use of formal development opportunities that are consistent with business needs Think of what formal training resources you used to develop your self. I.e. Health and Safety training 4.3 Use informal learning opportunities that contribute to the achievement of personal development objectives ? Think of what informal training resources you used to develop your self. I.e. coaching, mentoring, shadowing etc. 4.4Review progress against agreed objectives and amend plans accordingly ? Give an example when you have reviewed your work against your SMART objective. 4.5 Share lessons learned with others using agreed communication methods Give an example how you have shared any learning from your area of work.

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