Managing Management Processes

WHAT IS MANAGEMENT PROCESSES AND HOW IT CAN HELP ME MANAGE? This researcher believes by reviewing the whole system of management processes, this would involve taking in account all factors involved in this process. How they relate to each other and how they work as a whole. In the opinion of this researcher management processes is to manage, Plain, organize, implement and evaluate. One of the first roles a manager would have to illustrate is planning. According to Gravin, D., (2002), states in the planning mode, the strategic process is characterized by systematic analysis, often provided by financial experts or strategic planners (p. 33). This researcher believes that a manager who plains a head get the required work accomplished efficiently and effectively within a timely manner. Overall, the strategy of a firm is how it achieves its vision, mission, and goals. This researcher believes it consists of an integrative, cohesive plan for the achievement of a business. How can it help me manage? By planning a head and setting the stage each employee or co-worker knows what is expected of them. In this researchers’ opinion it is important to deal with a whole system, a manager cannot leave anything out that is relevant. “The purpose of management processes, must involve managers and employees throughout an organization” (David, 2001, p. 132). This researcher believes that insight is as important as rationality, each step must be approached systematic and imaginative. What is most important for the future of any organization is change, and planning appears to be the bridge between the present and the future, which increases their likelihood of achieving, desired results? According to Garvin (2002), a leader must first articulate their goals as clearly as possible then a plan for the final execution (p. 32). In order to complete the daily task a manager must have not only a plan but also a strategy in place in order to organ…

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