managerial Economics

Case Assignments For each module you will need to complete case study questions from your text Managerial Economics and Organizational Architecture. Read the scenario provided in the text and then answer the questions provided: Book: Brickley, J., Smith, C., & Zimmerman, J. (2016). Managerial economics and organizational architecture (6th ed.). New York: McGraw Hill/Irwin. I also prefer succinct, complete answers that convince me that you have prepared your writing with thought and reflection rather than to be concerned over having a certain number of pages. A complete answer should be supported with material from the text and/or other sources and be properly cited. If you can provide a complete, well-developed response in several paragraphs or a page that is acceptable (this means do not list answers in bullet points… you can separate the questions by number and in fact this does help me grade faster, but there should still be complete sentences). If it requires more than one page that is acceptable as well. Be aware that I will critique your written response not only on the technical part of your answer but also on the clarity and logical sequence of your response as well as grammar and spelling. I encourage and expect you to use textbook concepts as you attempt to explain in your own words the answers to the assignments. I will also be looking for word choice and sentence structure that is suitable for graduate level work. Analyzing Managerial Decisions: Tipping in Restaurants 11-5. In most restaurants, the waiters receive a large portion of their compensation through tips from customers. Generally, the size of the tip is decided by the customer. However, many restaurants require a 15 percent tip for parties of eight or more. Using the concepts from this chapter, discuss (a) why the practice of tipping has emerged as a major method of compensating the wait staff, (b) why the customer typically decides on the amount of the tip, and (c) why restaurants require tips from large parties.

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