Management Research

Question Why is it important to consider and develop basic research design before conducting the study and why is the unit of analysis an integral part of the research design? Support your answer with example. Notes: Please focus on the assignment, answering all parts and use theory selectively to support your arguments. Please also make sure your referencing of all sources is to an established convention and standard. If in doubt use ?Harvard? referencing. You need to consult with at least 15 academic references to develop your argument. Marking criteria Knowledge of the subject area, including academic debates and any recent or anticipated developments Structure of answer, including the coherent development of arguments and the use of an introduction and conclusion Focus on the question asked, including the ability to determine what is relevant and the omission of superfluous information/material Use of appropriate sources, including journal articles, books and authoritative reports Originality of interpretation, including depths of analysis and the ability to present arguments based on sound reasoning Standard of presentation, including the use of language and grammar, layout of the text, footnote referencing, bibliography and adherence to the stipulated word limit

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