Management in Islam

Role of Management We read about companies in trouble every now and then. Fokker, the first company that builds aeroplanes is now in receivership. Perwaja had to be saved a few months ago despite excellent write-ups about it not too long ago. More often than not such failures are due to Management. When employees are not happy, they will complain about Management. The biggest barrier to change, new ideas and innovation in large corporations is very often Management. If we care to make a list of things that have stifled our own creativity and held back our own career, summarize the critical factors that have blocked the organization???­????s performance, name the individuals mainly responsible for missing great opportunities and bungled projects, we will most probably find that Managers top the lists. Why is there so much low-grade Management today? The fact of so much low-grade Management in the world is that many People feel that they can do the boss’s job better than the boss. Even such thoughts would trigger problems that can eventually bring down organizations. It is not because few people are born with Management gene or because the wrong people get promoted or because the system can be easily manipulated, although all these things happen all the time. The most common explanation is that Management is a very complex task. Their work may not appear as complex as it is. There are at least two good reasons for average Management. “????® Firstly, we make extraordinary demands on Managers that are almost impossible to meet. In the first place, we want them to acquire long list traditional Management skills in finance, marketing, cost control, inventory planning, technology, manufacturing, product development, and many others. “????® Next, we also want them to master the Management arts, such as strategy, persuasion, negotiation, writing, speaking, and listening. We also expect them to be responsible for organizational su…

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