Lying to others and to oneself can bring great unhappiness.

What is lie? Why has lie become an essential part of our everyday life? Do we really need to lie? Answers to all these questions people had been trying to find for many centuries. But having not found truth, we continue to lie day after day. What is most upset and frightful is that people these days lie unintentionally; we do it without a thorough thinking. Lie has become our habit. Today, like it was centuries ago, people are trying to classify lie. According to different life circumstances lie can be divided into an outrageous lie, a fib, a little lie, etc. But as for me, I see only two major reasons why people lie: a lie (no matter of which scale) for benefit and a so-called white lie. From my point of view lying to people and to oneself not always brings unhappiness in one’s life, on the contrary, it can save someone’s life. And if life of close to me person is depending on my lie, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it. From my point of view lying is adoptable in some extreme cases. When we don’t really need to tell untruth, why should we? A lie, regardless which particularly (except a white lie), is still a lie. And this lie, having once eased someone’s life, will later certainly hurt him or her. Relationships, built on lie and distrust, would hurt both hearts. The bases of any close relations are mutual understanding and a trust in each other. There can be no real love without honesty and respect. S. Dovlatov, a famous Russian writer, once said, “The opposite of love is not an aversion, and even not indifference, – it is a lie.’ Lie is able to destroy even the strongest feeling. If a lie was once said to somebody, it will be said for many times in the future. “A person who tells lie doesn’t understand the difficulty of his problem, since he will have to tell lie for 20 times in order to support his first lie.’ (A. Pop). So, it is better even not to start telling lie, because no one knows where, even the most slight…

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