Logistics and operation management

Learning outcomes to be examined in this assessment ? Critically evaluate methods of planning and organising efficient operations and networking. ? Analyse the problems of controlling component activities and of controlling quality ? Critically discuss methods of project evaluation and of scheduling resources Assessment criteria Explanatory comments on the assessment criteria Knowledge and Research (content, relevance, and originality) Clear demonstration of rigorous research from recognised authoritative sources. Audience focus. Meeting the deliverables. Writing and Presentation (format, references or bibliography, and style) Rigorous use of the Harvard Methodology for citation and referencing; page numbering; correct display of direct quotations. Argument and Analysis (critical analysis, evaluation, and application) Constructive critical analysis, introduction, conclusion. Demonstration of a clear understanding of the issues. Use of academic models. Full articulation of ideas developed. Offering wellargued solutions and/or alternatives if and where appropriate. Background You are an Operations Manager for one of the companies or organisations listed below: ? Apple ? Halliburton ? BBC ? LIDL ? NHS You are currently reviewing the product portfolio in order to introduce a new or modify an existing product/service. Assignment Task Design or modify a product or service for your chosen organisation. You are to report on the following: ? An introduction to the product or service ? Detail of the importance of process design on the product or service ? The overall aim and objectives of the product/service using process design ? Stages of product/service to illustrate your design concept ? Analysis of the impact of performance objectives on the design Your report should include relevant academic models to support your analysis.

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