Local Exhaust Ventilation Technical Report

A recent chemical hazards risk assessments has indicated that many processes in your workplace require Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) to control emissions. Solvent vapour from hand and spray painting, dust from grit blasting and rubber fume from milling and moulding operations have all been identified in the assessment. You have been asked to produce a fully referenced technical report that justifies how the company should ensure that the LEV systems for these processes are correctly designed, installed and commissioned? You also need to consider who will carry out such work and how the systems will be monitored to ensure they are working correctly. How you will make sure the systems are used correctly and any special considerations that may need to be planned for. This work is to be presented as a technical report of no more than 2000 words excluding reference lists, tables and appendices. Reference to appropriate research, guidance, legislation and standards is required where available. Legislation and standards can relate to your own country or a country of your choice (UK is my choice)

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