Living in Poverty

The topic is about poverty and when possible include a perspective of persons living in poverty. In conversation with the professor he asked question about the stress of lower class social life and what does it mean to live in poverty / faces of poverty as suggestions or perspectives he supplied a short book as an additional resource. ?Nickeled and dimed? I have quotes from it as a resource to use if needed. Below is an outline I have already submitted but it could be changed up some (not set in stone) but I would like to have a conversation about the changes prior to them. This paper is a sociology paper There are 4 areas that I would like to explore. a-e discussion with professor on what could be included . also What is poverty/ inequality (1) Factors of poverty (my discription) that contribute to the continuation of poverty The Factor of poverty (factors meaning contribute to the continuation of poverty) a. not enough economic resources in the community b. poorly funded schools, c. inadequate social policies d. widening disparity of economic inequality e. inadequate heath care. (2) Consequences of poverty individual contributing to the cycle of poverty a. Education b. Nutrition and food, c. Health issues, access, infant mortality rates, heard attacks, diabetes depression(mental illness) drug addiction d. Employment jobs (education go hand in hand with) i. (faces of poverty) (3) Effects of poverty on society a. Social imobility b. Life expectancy c. Crime rate /urbanization /imprisonment rates (4) Governments role on poverty ? a. Inequality disparity in encome ?The spirit level? (ted talk and book) how countries with the higest dispartiy fair in social areas Healthcare etc b. Pros and cons c. Things that they have done and thing that keep it going

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