Literature Review – What behaviour strategies do teachers use to improve management of students with ADHD in year five classrooms?

Literature Review- 40% This assignment requires you to identify an area of research. My research question: What behaviour strategies do teachers use to improve management of students with ADHD in year five classrooms? You might not be able to find peer reviewed articles on year 5?s but you will find some on middle primary for example. The purpose of this review is to provide reader with depth, breadth, scope of the research topic. ACADEMIC WRITING IS REQUIRED. REALLY GOOD ENGLISH AND SENTENCE STRUCTURE IS REQUIRED. ALL must be paraphrased and in own words with extensive in text and end text references. Review the resources discovered and select between 20-25 sources that are most pertinent or relevant to your area of focus. You need to access the Curtin University scholarly data bases which are available to you through the library and locate between 20 and 30 peer reviewed research articles on your topic area. The cut-off date for all journal articles is 2005. These can be sourced from Australian and overseas settings. Try to avoid books and popular media information as the review needs to represent the latest research findings by scholars in the field. Take notes as you read the literature and begin to search for the major themes as you go- make note of these. You are reading to find out how each piece of writing approaches the subject of your research, what it has to say about it and how each piece contributes to ? informing? you how you, as a teacher-researcher, might go about researching your topic. Finally, write a review of these sources – this is the Literature Review. Like all academic writing, a literature review must have an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should include: ? The nature of the focus area under review ? The basis for your selection of the literature sources ? Definitions in use. The body paragraphs should include: ? Current research studies you have located ? The major questions that are being asked in your selected articles ? The current findings from your selected articles ? The major themes you have located throughout the literature you selected ? The general conclusions that are being drawn ? Definitions you found useful ? Current key research studies ? Principal questions that are being asked by previous researchers ? Some current findings about your focus area ? Research methodologies and data collection methods that have been used by other researchers The conclusion should include: ? A summary of major agreements and disagreements about the focus area. ? a summary of general conclusions that are being drawn Any implications of the design of the research in the articles for the overall approach for your own research project. The length of the review should be no more than a maximum of 3000 words not including cover page and references. APA 6th Ed reference list. No long quotes. Only short quotes then discuss it in your own words. Use headings for each paragraph (introduction, conclusion etc.). NB. The relevant Assessment Rubric is attached here. Pay particular attention to all the rubrics – in this Unit the assessment rubrics will be the source of your marks for each assignment. The weighting of different aspects of the Literature Review on the rubric is vital information for you if you wish to concentrate your efforts on the important areas that will score well for you.

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