Literacy to me is a gift which is as great as life itself.

Literacy Autobiography Literacy to me is a gift which is as great as life itself. For I cant imagine going through a day not understanding what is written on a billboard or in the case of a simple road sign. Personally I have never taken writing seriously, for when I was a kid I always thought the word of mouth stood of a greater presence than a piece of written material. The topic of literacy suddenly struck me when this assignment came about, for how could the world have developed to what it is today without the simplicity of reading and writing. The task would have simply just been impossible. Thus to understand writing you must first understand the great things we have achieved from it first. Ever since arriving to New Zealand about a month ago my main mode of communication to family, friends and relatives have been through the form of writing e-mail’s or simply posting a written card or letter. That is when it first struck me that you can actually experience emotions in writing. For through these letters and e-mail’s I could actually feel and experience what my family and friends were saying to me. This really captivated me for I had never experienced these feeling’s before through writing. Ever since coming to University literacy has been more a part of my life then it has ever been so far, for everything I do know involves me to give out my best potential in the form of literacy. For I know now that if I want to succeed in life this is what is going to help me achieve it and nothing else and its just feels great to know that the people who first helped me discover this gift was my parents and for everything important in my life I owe it to them. It hurts me often to learn that over two billion people can’t neither read or write and that is just amazing that most of us who can just simply take our gift for granted. Its also a fact that 99% of these two billion people who can’t read or write also live be…

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