Legal Aspects of Oil and Gas Industries

Module Title: Legal Aspects of Oil and Gas Industries Learning outcomes to be examined in this assessment (please note that this is NOT the assessment task) ? Demonstrate a good understanding of the substantive rules of international law applicable to the oil and gas industry ? Evaluate the key principles of contract formation in international commercial transactions and key international law principles and trends in the oil and gas sector ? Assess the effectiveness of international law in addressing the environmental impact of oil exploration and exploitation ? Demonstrate a critical understanding of the importance of oil and gas law as a distinct subject, studied in a practical and commercial context. Assessment criteria Explanatory comments on the assessment criteria Knowledge and Research (content, relevance, and originality) Clear demonstration of rigorous research from recognised authoritative sources. Audience focus. Meeting the deliverables. Writing and Presentation (format, references or bibliography, and style) Rigorous use of the Harvard Methodology for citation and referencing; page numbering; correct display of direct quotations. Argument and Analysis (critical analysis, evaluation, and application) Constructive critical analysis, introduction, conclusion. Demonstration of a clear understanding of the issues. Use of academic models. Full articulation of ideas developed. Offering wellargued solutions and/or alternatives if and where appropriate. Assignment Task ?Despite recent developments in the field of Litigation, parties embroiled in an oil and gas dispute still prefer to choose International Commercial Arbitration as a preferred method of resolving their disputes.? Examine the truth behind this statement and evaluate the reasons why this may be the case in Oil and Gas Disputes. NB: Your evaluation must reveal evidence of sufficient reading and research, and, must refer to industry related academic journals and articles adequately

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