Justice in the Media

Peace and Justice in the Media Peace and justice issues are often difficult to illustrate in the media and even harder to become informed on. One must make sure to research properly and critique greatly the sources from which he receives the information. Analysis of sources is a key factor in forming an opinion on anything especially when mass media is involved. The speakers involved in the class’ lecturing all agree that understanding where and from whom information comes is tremendously important. All three referred to gathering knowledge from the news media as “interpreting” the media. The term “interpreting” proves personally interesting due to the fact that understanding the news the public is presented with day-in and day-out is truly a challenge task just as is interpreting something from another language. Bill Plante showed the importance of critical thinking and questioning when learning something from the media, especially when from a biased source. One must understand that some businesses or networks have preset political or other such views that affect the “spin” on the story. The public must take into account that they are possibly not getting the “full story” or at least that in just the way news is presented their opinion will be slanted. Viewers must also be wary of polls and statistics being altered or misrepresented. Most importantly viewers must use their minds first and foremost to question and analyze, and not be too quick to believe what they hear. Leslie Ramyk also posed an interesting take on interpreting news in the media. Her first hand account of what it is like to be in the media proved extremely helpful in the comprehension of how biases affect information presented in the news. Important points she made were that of posing questions, and just getting things said. Her program “Concerning Chicago” dealt with social justice and life in the …

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