Julius Caesar leader of Rome ( lesson plan)

Assessment #1 – Review Background: This assignment supports you to identify, explore and engage with a range of resources used to plan a topic in the Humanities and Social Sciences learning area or an area that integrates this learning area with another. Resources can fall into three main categories: those that provide teachers with background knowledge about a specific topic; those that provide lesson ideas that can be modified and adapted; and those that provide descriptions or views on how to teach in the Humanities and Social Science area. To break this down further, resources that provide background information are usually information based and are not used in lessons; that is, they are used to provide the teacher with knowledge so that they can teach the content of the lesson or unit. Resources that provide lesson ideas are those that can be used with students in lessons and those that provide descriptions about how to teach HASS are often texts or journal articles that discuss a particular teaching methodology. Teacher resources come in many forms including: Teacher resource books; Organisations, e.g. Gould League, Origin Energy, Nature Education Centre, KESAB; Web sites; Journals, e.g. New Internationalist, Green Teacher; Children?s literature, e.g. My Dog, The Lorax, The Rabbits, Rusty Loses his Loop; Newspapers; Interactive DVD/CD ROMs. We encourage you to engage your future students through interactive, resource rich learning experiences and as such we do not want you to use student worksheets, black-line masters, student textbooks and student workbooks as resources in this assignment. To begin this assignment you must make a number of decisions to help focus your review, in particular, you need to decide on the: (a) Focus age group; (b) Topic focus which could be an interdisciplinary focus. Your topic should: (a) Draw from one of the HASS values: democratic processes, social justice, peace or economic and ecological sustainability; and relate to one or more of the HASS knowledge, understandings and skills described in the Australian Curriculum. (b) Support you to plan for interactive experiences. The resources that you locate in this assignment will be a springboard for your unit plan (Assignment 2). Assessment Criteria: You need to locate seven resources: three that will provide you as an educator with knowledge about your focus topic; three that will provide lesson ideas; and one that describes an appropriate methodology for teaching HASS. You need to locate resources outside of those provided in this course. Your resource review should include: (a) An overview of your assignment focus which will include: – the focus year level; – the focus topic and why you think this is important; and – a list of your seven teacher resources as discussed above. (b) Where appropriate a detailed discussion of each selected resource should include: – a description of how the resource connects with the Humanities and Social Science value/s, concepts, and ways of thinking and working in this topic;and – where and how you would use it in the inquiry cycle. (c) Where applicable, a description of how the resource supports your planning using the Inquiry Model; and (d) A description of how the resource supports you to plan learning experiences that are interactive and develop a ?true? understanding. Appropriate referencing throughout your discussion is essential in this assignment as 5% of the course assessment is allocated to referencing. The following questions may be useful for guiding your evaluation of the resources used for lesson ideas: (a) Is this resource up to date? If not, what recommendations could you make to update this? (b) How easily can the resource be adapted for other age groups? (c) How would you adapt it? (d) To what extent will the resource spark students? curiosity and level of engagement? Important aspects to note for this assignment: You are expected to locate resources outside of those provided in this course. Student worksheets, black-line masters, student textbooks and student workbooks are not to be used as resources for this assignment. This assignment needs to be submitted using the course learnonline site. Feedback on this assignment will be provided using a rubric, a copy of which can be accessed via the course learnonline site. Assignments will be returned to you via the course Learnonline site two – three weeks after submission. This is the topic I choosed > Julius Caesar leader of Rome History year 7 The role of a significant individual in ancient Egyptian, Greek or Roman history. ( ACHASSK176) www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/humanities-and-social-sciences/hass/curriculum/f-10?layout=1#page=2&yl-7 Elaborations : examining the historical context, early life and achievements of a significant historical figure from the ancient society being investigated (for example, Hatshepsut or Ramses II; Leonidas or Pericles in Greece; or Caesar or Augustus in Rome), and how they were perceived by their contemporaries Critical and Creative Thinking The particular elements of Critical and Creative Thinking addressed by this content description Inquiring ? identifying, exploring and organising information and ideas ? Identify and clarify information and ideas ? Organise and process information For further information go to General Capabilities. Check with the Assessment rubric I uploaded !

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