journal article review

Identify an article (reporting research in applied linguistics) that makes use of either test, questionnaire, interview or observation as one its data collection methods. ? Provide a brief introduction to the aims and objectives of the research ? Select one data collection method that is employed in the study, and based on your readings from the textbook outline the key principles that should govern its implementation ? Evaluate the actual implementation of the data collection method in your selected study. ? Evaluate the appropriateness of the data collection method in relation to the research question in the selected study * Use the APA Referencing Style. * if you use direct quotation plesae write the page number resources Cohen, L., Manion, L., & Morrison, K. (2011). Research Methods in Education (7th ed.). London and New York: Routledge/ Falmer. ? Data Collection Methods: Tests, Questionnaires and Interviews Cohen, Manion and Morrison, Chapters 15, 16 & 19 (6th edition) or Chapters 20, 21 & 24 (7th edition) you can find articles in System TESOL Journal TESOL Quarterly ILT articles Language Teaching Research (LTR) choose article quiet explicit how they write it

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