Joining the Military

The best thing that Chris could have ever done was join the military. He and I met at his high school during a “recruit seminar” where he showed enthusism towards the Navy. Next, we set up an appointment at his house with his family to answer any questions and inform him of the benefits that the Navy has to offer. I arrived in the city at Chris’s house the following afternoon for the appointment. Chris and his mother expressed concern for college and the need to remove him from his current environment. I explained about the tuition assistance program and other benefits available such as dental, medical and vision plans. Upon concluding the appointment everyone seemed eager for Chris to join the Navy. Chris contacted me later that evening expressing his enthusiasm to enlist. He had already completed the necessary forms, which I had left at his house and wanted to make an appointment for the physical exam. We set up the appointment for later that week and I told him not to forget his birth certificate and paperwork I had given him. The day came for Chris to complete his enlistment by passing the physical exam; which he did. He then met with a classifier, chose a job and was sworn into the United States Navy. He chose the option to leave for boot camp two months later (after his graduation) rather than later in the year. The two months flew by and Chris was ready and eager to leave for boot camp. He was so excited to escape the ghetto of the inner city. His mother was sad to see him go but happy that he was doing something with his life and she no longer had to worry about him getting involved with the gangs of the neighborhood. Chris was excited to begin his Navy career and have the opportunity to attend college, see the world, and send money to help his family. Joining the Navy was the best thing that Chris could have done with life. …

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