It should be a good game.

I’m off to the footy! Melbourne versus the Kangaroos. It should be a good game. I’m walking through the Fitzroy Gardens. I see young families having picnics and young football supporters kicking their footballs and pretending to be their footy heroes. I can remember when I use to do that. Running through the whole park, using the trees as goals, the seagulls and pigeons as the opposition players. But I think I’m a little too old for that now. So I just stroll through the park listening to the commentators on Triple M talk about how Melbourne aren’t good enough and strong enough to win the game. I hate its how they never give them a chance. But I have a feeling Melbourne might just get over the line. It’s just after 12:00 and I’m normally not here by now but in order to get some good seats I have to come earlier than normal. The only other people that are here now are the real “one eyed supporters’. They come in at this time every week. With their bags full of food, drinks, jumpers, coats, blankets and everything else imaginable. They even have their faces painted in the colours of their team. As I walk passed them they scream, “GO THE DEES!” but I just keep walking and say, “Yeh! Go Dees! “. It’s not such a disadvantage coming in this early because there is no line to get in. I just walk straight through the gates and swipe my membership card. I show my bag to the security and I start the exhausting trip up the stairs. As time passes by the atmosphere starts to grow. Everywhere you look you see supporters flooding into the stadium by trams, trains, busses, cars or walking in. All over the place there are supporters in their teams colours, with their banners and flags getting into the team spirit. The atmosphere has changed a great deal since I first got here. As the game draws closer I listen to the radio again. The Triple M commentators are talking up the game and trying to build the excitement. “It…

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