It is an OBSERVATION ESSAY about “Sakura Illumination event”. The writer has to explain what is this event about and what is happening during the events? What are the people does during the event? Is there any special things happening during th

The Inspiration about event?? Having spent several years in Japan, Stuart James W.?s appreciation of the cherry blossom is uncommonly deep. It gives him inspiration to live and to create: ?In Japan, people are given the opportunity to enjoy ?hanami?, or blossom viewing perhaps 80 times in their life if they are lucky. Inclement weather, work, school, or Health and familial obligations often reduce the number of opportunities, so I regard the symbol of the coming of spring as a reminder that life is short (much like the blossoming timespan of the trees) and we should make each day count. Life is ephemeral, precious and we should take moments to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. It is not with sadness that we watch the first blossoms emerge or the last blossoms fall, it is with joy, the joy of being alive and aware of our own existence.?

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