It is about the change of the world by Nuclear weapons.

English Essay The first text that I have chosen is “Blackened”, a song by Metallica. It is about the change of the world by Nuclear weapons. “Blackened is the end, winter it will send.” This is talking about how nuclear weapons will be the end of the world and it is going to launch us into the coldest “month’ of the year, which is saying that after the nuclear war the world will be bleak, dreary and miserable. It also says that the nuclear weapons will change the earth for good. There will be no turning back. “Death of mother earth, never a rebirth, evolutions end, never will it mend. Never.” This tells us that the world will never exist in the same way and that it could be the end of humanity if it gets out of control. The change that is occurring is one of the end of human existence on the planet through a nuclear war. “Colour Our World Blackened.” This quote is very meaningful. It tells us a lot about what the author was trying to communicate through this text. To “colour the world black’, many nuclear bombs would need to go off, as he is saying, and that the human race has the power to change the world by blowing each other up, and thus “colouring the world black.’ “Millions of years, in minutes disappears.” This tells us that we, the human race, have the power to change the entire planet, or destroy it, in a matter of minutes even though evolution has taken millions and millions of years. Which we could do at the push of a button. The second text that I have chosen is a passage from the book “Pinocchio Syndrome” by David Zeman. This talks about the way in which authorities deal with terrorists in today’s society. “Military and scientific observers had determined that the “Crescent Queen” (Ocean Liner) was destroyed by a tactical nuclear weapon. “? No terrorist group has taken credit for the attack. The President had promised that those responsible would be brought swiftly to ju…

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