It has been hard for me to accept you smoking.

Mom, Would you? Dear Mom, Since I was a little girl, it has been hard for me to accept you smoking. I wanted you to quit smoking so bad, I would have done anything to make you stop. My clothes and hair always smelled of smoke. I worried about your health as well as my own. My health has always been important to you, but what you failed to realize is that you were putting toxins in my body with every exhale of your breathe. I know you would never hurt me, but it is time for you to notice the facts. Every time you would lite your cigarette up, you were actually allowing me to smoke with you. You may not have handed the cigarette to me and told me it was okay to take a puff, but anytime I was around you, I was smoking too. You would take us kids to the store and smoke in the car on the way there, unnoticing that we were inhaling all the second hand smoke. The cigarette must have consumed your thoughts because you never even had a second thought about the smoke filled car. The crack of your window did not help because the back draft would just allow the passenger side to consume with smoke. Slowly the smoke would dissipate when you were done with your cigarette. I know that having a cigarette makes you feel better after a long stressful day, but is it really worth all the ugliness it causes. It is hard to see what the smoke is doing to you and loved ones around you. Did it ever occur to you that any one of us could acquire asthma, lung cancer, or emphysema? I know these are issues that never crossed your mind, while trying to raise three kids by yourself. You probably always thought of other issues like us being sick, feeding us, making sure there were clothes on our back, or shoes on our feet. The necessities are what you thought of. It is important that you set examples for us to follow. Showing us our health is your number one priority, in turn, will teach us how to maintain out health. We are grown up now and have lives of our…

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