Introduction to Management

This assessment requires you to undertake research, and convey your findings relating the academic terms and concepts to a company of your choice. To achieve this, you will need to first understand the academic material, and then how these concepts apply or describe the company based on the information uncovered in your research about the company. The important aspects here are quality of your research, quality of your written assignment, and quality of how you relate the academic concepts covered in class to the information you uncover describing the company. Tip: you don?t receive any more or less marks for the choice of company, therefore it is recommended you chose a company that has sufficient information available in the journal databases via the LMS, and the Internet or other resources. The company can be international or domestic with operational focus in domestic or global markets. The individual components are outlined below, with the suggested work count. Your lecturer will provide you with advice on the marking sheets used to mark you work so you may understand in more detail the level of quality expected and where the major marks are to be found. This will be conducted in class in the first few sessions. The marks sheet will not be provided to you. Overall, the focus of this assignment is for you to analyse the external environment of your chosen company and describe these in an informative report based on details shown in the table below. Your report must include all factors stated below. You must use terms found within the study of management and you are encouraged to look up various textbooks and journals to further explore these terms and to gain additional knowledge on management in order to develop your knowledge and the quality of the assessment.

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