interview with the elected official

Here is the detail of the assignment: Report on your interview with the elected official. The items to discuss during an interview include (but are not limited to) the reasons he/she ran for office, other public offices he/she might have held, major issues he/she supports and any interest he/she may have in Nursing or Health care issues. Be sure to include party affiliation. 1. Conduct the interview. 2. Critique the interview. This should include (but not necessarily limited to) topic of the interview, an analysis of the interactions of the participants, and outcomes of the discussion. 3. Write a reflection paper about this activity. This should include your reactions to the interview, its processes and participants. Also include your thoughts on the effectiveness and importance of the interview and the topic of discussion as well as any other reactions or feelings that you had about the interview. 4. Submit a 3 pages double ?spaced written paper using the format: observation, critique, and reflection

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