Instructions: Answer the question below in one essay. Use standard formatting (i.e. Times New Roman font, double-spaced, standard margins, black font). The length answer for each question should typically be between 3 ? 4 pages long. 1. China?s rise as a global power is one of the most, if not the most, important international relations development of our time. The West has in many ways dominated international politics for over 500 years. Thus the rise of an Eastern/Asian power is particularly important to consider, with all of its implications (Note: Japan has assumed this role in recent history but in a very Western form). Yet, there is no theory of international relations that is uniquely Chinese in character. Explain to me what a Chinese international relations theory may look like. Discuss the following: 1-From what level of analysis would a Chinese IR theorize from? 2-What is the nature of the international system? i.e., anarchic, hierarchical, or some other form? 3-Who are the main actors in the international system? 4-What explains war and peace? 5- Is cooperation possible? Under what circumstances? 6-How is power defined in a Chinese theory of IR? 7-What is human nature like? 8-Is there a role for morality and ethics? If you answer yes, then explain what a Chinese moral/ethical code looks like?

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