International Political Economy

Assignment Task Choose one from the following three questions and write an argumentative essay of 3000 words: 1. Has foreign direct investment been beneficial or detrimental for development in sub- Saharan Africa? Support the argument with evidence from one or more sub-Saharan African countries in the relevant literature. 2. Would freer trade in agriculture be mutually beneficial for both ?developed? and ?developing? economies? Present the argument with regard to cotton, sugar or rice (choose one commodity). 3. Has China benefited from a fixed exchange rate and should it continue this policy considering its recent economic difficulties? Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed. State what Unit learning outcomes are being covered by the assessment 4. # Apply appropriate and relevant theoretical frameworks to contemporary issues. 5. # Conduct and present the findings of research into the international political economy. # Include unit learning outcomes as necessary Early Career/ World Class Professional Skills (PLOs being assessed or developed)/Assessed. Programme learning outcomes are referred to as professional skills for clarity for students, they will build portfolio of skills from level 4 through to L6 as will L7 and L8 students from the start of their programmes. For all levels refer to the Professional skills being develop or assessed in the assignment brief. These should also feature in the assignment feedback to the student 1. #PL01 (PI 1.1), Applied critical thinking 2. #PL02 (PI 2.1), Communication 3. #PL04 (PI 4.2), Professional and Commercial Awareness 4. #PL05 (PI 5.1, 5.2), Subject specific knowledge and skills. # Include the Early Career/ World Professional Skill(s) to be developed or assessed.

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