Information Systems and Management

please choose one of the following essay topics. The essay should be 3,000 words long (+/- 10%) and should use APA style Referencing and citations (Author, Year). Each essay should base its argument on relevant and up-to-date academic literature,, while at the same time providing a real world examples to illustrate key arguments where possible. Essay Topics 1- A significant portion of Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) research addresses issues that are particular to larger firms. In recent years, however, Knowledge Management has become a widely spread business discipline which plays an important role in start-ups and other Small to Medium Enterprises. Discuss three key challenges to the implementation of KMS in SMEs. 2- The New Media phenomenon is changing the relationship between firms and their customers. Data obtained from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are increasingly being used to inform decisions about demand and expectations of products and services. Discuss three key methodological issues that firms face when using Big Data. 3- Mobile platforms provide numerous actors with a location for developing new revenue streams. Strategies currently used in digital platforms such as mobile operating systems and app stores can have a profound effect on value appropriation in the ecosystem. Describe three platform strategies that are prevalent in the current industry, and the effect these have on value appropriation for sellers. 4- Online user communities provide a valuable source of information in the development of new products. The knowledge contained in these communities, however, may be difficult for firms to acquire. Assess and provide examples of two approaches firms can take to facilitate the transfer of user knowledge from communities to firms.

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