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Using the online materials in Blended Learning/Week 5 as your starting point, research the topic of ?Information as an asset in organsations?. You should draw on academic research and also professional literature in order to develop your understanding of the key challenges facing organisations in the management of data and information. You may decide to focus on a particular aspect of information management, for example, cyber security or big data. You should present your findings in the form of an infographic. Your target audience is a manager who wants to know more about the topic and it’s business impact/relevance. Exceptionally for this activity, you may use footnotes to indicate your sources. Ensure you include a full list of references at the end of your infographic. This is everything needed from “Blended Learning/Week 5” below: Information as an asset in organisations decision making with data In this online workshop, we will explore the role of information as an asset in organisations. We will consider: the value of information for business information governance fashionable ‘big data’ and data analytics Information as an asset Back in 1994, the Hawley Committee transformed thinking about information in business by proposing that “all significant information in an organisation, regardless of its purposes, should be properly identified, even if not in an accounting sense, for consideration as an asset of the business. The Board of Directors should address its responsibilities for information assets in the same way as for other assets – eg. property, plant” National Archives (2015) ‘ What is an information asset’, The National Archives, If you can, think of an example of information that might count as an asset for an organisation, and post your idea in the discussion board… Learning about information governance “Put simply, Information Governance is to do with the rules that should be followed when we process information. It allows organisations and individuals to ensure information is processed Legally, securely, efficiently and effectively” (HSCIC, 2015) Here you will find an online tutorial designed for staff in the National Health Service. It is an example of e-learning in an organisational setting that is designed to engage all employees because information privacy, security and accuracy are pervasive and need to be considered by employees at every level. eICE (2015) ‘Introduction to information governance, eICE:NHS, It is free to access, but you will need to register. When you are asked for your organisation, you should pick the ‘register as independent’ option, for discipline select ‘Other’. When you login, select the online module called ‘Introduction to Information Governance’ HSCIC (2015) ‘Introduction to information governance’, HSCIC:NHS, Big Data – Trending… To start off your research into Big Data, here is a primer from SAS with a couple of video clips: SAS (2015) ‘Big Data: What it is and why it matters’, SAS, If there is any confusion at all, please let me know. This is a Masters program assignment so I expect this to be at least at the Masters level.

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