influence of Emotional Intelligence ( concept of leadership)

– Please try to organise by subheading it should include below details: – Leadership concept: – Leadership styles: – Leadership in Saudi education context: Incorporation a kind of analyses into the discussion of the context of study such as: Historical, cultural and political analysis of educational leadership in Saudi Arabia: It is clear that the role of leadership has changed dramatically over the times. Education in Saudi Arabia is passing through a period of transition from a pre-modern or traditional to a modern society. In this movement, it seems essential to trace the movement of historical, social or culture and political analysis of educational system to fully understand for the western reader the nature of the education in Saudi schools that indicates: 1- (How) and (Why) these movement has being changed from tradition to modern and You can integrate the modernisation theory in this analysis because you will talk about the movement overtime ((as a result of the demand of change in to-day business environment/ industrial revolution/ keep pace with developed couturiers)) which will in turn cause some issues. AS you know one of my aims is: To analyse the process of integrating the emotional intelligence discourse within the SA Educational supervision practices. 2- Leadership structure and styles in Saudi education system as it use Hierarchical structure system (you can add chart that shows the Hierarchy). As one of my aims of study is: during my exploration of how Emotional Intelligence relates to leadership styles that executed by Educational supervisors in Saudi Arabia I would to combine and comparative both of them to generate desired model (Transactional leadership and Transnational leadership). As you know the Transactional styles is more common in Saudi. Considering the fact that the Saudi leadership style has been in place without any change worth noting, the system needs to build an effective learning environment that surpasses the efforts of an individual. Institutionalising a multicultural, emotionally sensitive, and interactive leadership management program is the resulting standard to the Saudi Arabian institution and organizations Algarni and Male (2014). Consequently, the transformational leadership can meets the demands of the present-day business environment in S.A that have forced organisations to be flexible, adaptive, entrepreneurial, and innovative in order to effectively. 3- Give more critical details about the women and male figures with regards to enrollment of study and leadership position overtime in Saudi Arabia. As one of my aims of study is around the gender, which should be critically analysed fairly.

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