Indoor and Outdoor Tanning

Indoor and Outdoor Tanning Millions of people have found the secret to mind and body survival in the form of a relaxing ten to twenty minute vacation found in the sanctuary of an indoor tanning salon. Everyday problems caused by the time restraints all add to the growing demand for tanning salons. People who choose to tan indoors in a controlled environment are provided with the exact dose of ultraviolet light needed to achieve the proper tan. A person who tans outdoors has to consider such variables as the tan line, weather factors, and time limit. Many people choose indoor tanning to help get a base tan before going on a sunny vacation in order to avoid sunburn. Tanning makes the outer appearance look better to some people. This paper will explore three perspectives about tanning, including indoor tanning, outdoor tanning, and photosensitivity. The sun helps to produce Vitamin D, a vitamin well known to reduce the risk of cancer (Grant). People tend to feel happier, healthier, and full of energy after tanning. A lot of experts in the medical community, as well as image and beauty sources send the message of seeking shelter from the harmful rays of the sun. However, scientific research does back up the idea of feeling good after sunlight exposure. 2 Human life is reliant on sun exposure, and the life-giving effects of ultraviolet light. There has been a shift over the past few years concerning the facts and myths of the sun and UV light. Many critics make the sun into a villain, just good for causing burns and dry spells. Some believe that tanning causes wrinkles and rubbery skin. However, more than 1 million people invest both time and money visiting tanning salons (Indoor Tanning). Many people enjoy the perks of indoor tanning before going on a sunny vacation. Having a base tan before exposing the body to sunlight prevents the risk of getting a sunburn. Sunburns are the surest way to cause skin cancer. Tann…

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