Individual Reflection on Learning

Assignment Overview: Format: 1500, 2000 word essay (spaced, 12 pt. Arial font) Objectives: The learning outcomes of your ENTR3110 course include the following: 1. prepare a personal plan to help achieve their personal and professional goals; 2. prepare a portfolio of personal skills including activity management tools to help fulfill commitments (this includes business negotiations, conflict management and stress management); 3. apply the theories and concepts of perception, communication, learning and motivation, group dynamics, leadership, organizational theory and design, change management and total quality management; 4. analyze the integration of individual, group and organizational behaviour at work; 5. apply the problem solving and diagnostic models to the workplace; and 6. apply the contingency approach and principles of ethical behaviour throughout the organization. (KPU ENTR3110 Advanced Organizational Behaviour Course Outline) The final reflection assignment is your opportunity to demonstrate that you have accomplished these learning goals. This involves two main activities. Face Time at TechPoint – Revisited In the first week of class you completed a case assignment regarding a workplace conflict scenario. This work will be the starting point for this final reflection assignment. Throughout the term you have been introduced to, and practiced, a variety of management and organizational behaviour skills. You will now revisit the TechPoint case, review your original work, and then prepare an improved response which demonstrates your learning from the course. Personal Growth and Development Throughout the semester you have been presented with a variety of experiential learning opportunities. You will summarize and prioritize these so that they will be most useful to your professional development moving forward. Requirements: The following are to be included in your report: 1. Title page Include name, student number, assignment title, date of submission, course details, and an affirmation of your academic integrity, example: ? This work has been prepared entirely by me and adheres to the academic integrity statement digitally signed at the beginning of the term and on file with the instructor.? 2. Review of your original work for TechPoint Software In this section evaluate your original response. Was your original recommendation wise? This assessment is to be justified with supporting principles and theories studied throughout the term and your experiences in the course. 3. A revised recommendation for TechPoint Softwar Based upon what you have learned this term, what would you recommend now? This recommendation is to be supported with principles and theories studied throughout the term and your experiences in the course. 4. Key Points for Your Personal Development Plan Throughout the semester you have been capturing your experiential learning in your Learning Journal. Identify the three most important opportunities for your personal development that you have identified during the course. For each, explain why it is important for your development and outline your action plan to ensure your continued development in the area. Explain how this personal development will be important for your professional future and the organization(s) you will work for. 5. Top 10 from ENTR3110 Conclude your report with list of the 10 most important things to you want to remember from the course when you are leading an organization. 1. You are expected to prepare this work on your own and all work submitted is to be written entirely by you. Your report will be assessed according to the KPU Grade Conversion Scale and will be evaluated considering the following: 1. Are all assignment requirements met? 2. Are course outcomes demonstrated in the work? a. Are course concepts applied regularly and appropriately throughout the work? b. Does the work demonstrate insights which integrate course concepts individual and group experience(s)? c. Are implications and conclusions from insights articulated clearly? d. Are the recommendations and actions included in the work logical and likely to be effective based upon the information provided in the work? 3. Is the work professional? (Free from spelling and grammar errors, uses appropriate syntax, formatted professionally, etc.) This is a comprehensive summative work. It is your opportunity to demonstrate your competence in the course outcomes, and so it is expected that your report will integrate learning from each of the main study topics.

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