In any given volleyball match, the only opportunity a team has to score comes when they possess the serve.

In any given volleyball match, the only opportunity a team has to score comes when they possess the serve. Often times in contest between two evenly matched teams, the difference in the game is determined by which team is able to serve the most consistently. The defensive team is unable to score points. Because of this, it is imperative that all players on a volleyball team are consistent in their serving, in order to keep the serve and not allow the opposing team the opportunity to score points for themselves. The serve constitutes the beginning of every play. If a team is unable to put the ball into play on the offensive side of the ball, they will be unable to score points, and thus will probably win few games. In learning the proper serving technique, it is imperative to remember that the key to eliminating serving errors is minimizing movement. For example, the lead foot should start in the lead, not behind. Also the toss should only be two feet above the head. Adjustments to minimize motion within the serve will help to eliminate chances for errors. An effective way to teach proper serving form to beginners breaks the serve down in to four different phases: platform, lift, step, and hit. Having the proper stance is important to the initiation of movement in the serve. A person must have her body weight centered and be in a relaxed balanced position. Any pre-serve ritual a player may have, such as dribbling,etc. should remain a constant each time the player serves the ball. The stance phase could also be termed the platform phase. It is the inititation phase of the serve. In the platform phase, the athlete begins with the ball resting in the fingertips of the tossing hand. With the tossing arm, the hand is supinated using the supinator, biceps brachii, and the brachioradialis, and the humerous is flexed in the sagittal plane at an angle of approximately 90 degrees. This forms a “platform” on which to rest the ball…

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