In America, most of the people own household pets.

BECKY’S GOOD LIFE In America, most of the people own household pets. They are dependent on human beings for care, feeding, and require considerable attention. But the luxuries, comfort, and care pets receive depend on the lifestyle of the owner. My cousin Jones’ cat Becky lives a life that surpasses my own. Becky enjoys creature comforts equal to that of a billionaire. While I always worry about my health care quality and costs, Becky receives the finest health care imaginable. Though some pets may be limited in their social contacts, Becky’s socialization has no limits. First, Becky enjoys material comforts and luxuries that I couldn’t even obtain. In the mansion where she lives, she has a large bedroom furnished with a full- sized Mattaban mattress to rest on when she gets tired. She has cat furniture like a “luxurious cat-tree with tunnels’ to climb on, and a “two tier scratch and perch with sisal’ to ease her stress and tension indoors. One window in Becky’s bedroom has attachment to an “orthopedic kitty sill window perch’, and another one has a “window perch with ladder’; so that she can fascinate herself street watching indoors. On the right hand corner of the bedroom, there is a treadmill waiting for her to exercise. Large boxes filled with toys like squeezable birds, mice, and lizards, etc. Also, stuffed animals and activity balls which give hours of mental and physical stimulation are stacked on another corner of the room. She has a toy that holds food inside, so that she can have a long and enjoyable chase after the food; which is a luxurious feline entertainment. Her most favorite thing is the “fleecy radiator hammock’, which provides the height and warmth cats always love. Becky even gets Christmas presents. Last year she got a $100 “chiffon cat dress’ and a 14K “gold toggle necklace! Secondly, while I always worry about hea…

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