impact over every generation of human beings that lived and will live after it.

This period of time had so much impact over every generation of human beings that lived and will live after it. Changing our perspective of the world, our political and moral schemes and most of all it changed the significance of love and power. These and many other repercussions the holocaust left to us make the world we are living in what it is, humans will never forget this tragic years in which feelings such as hate, fear and abuse were breathed from the air. Such terrible acts, but so well prepared and organized had to come from some great minds, and the head of all those minds was Adolf Hitler who probably was one of the greatest leaders the world has hosted. He came from a very remote part of Germany, not having the support and love of a father definitely had a great repercussion in the way he decided to use the intelligence God had given him. Of course there is no excuse for all the pain his ideas brought to the world and there will never be an acceptable explanation for his actions. As for our time, the war and everything that happened during the Holocaust years has made people more aware of any kind of abuse and we can see a clear example in present day laws which even have very harsh punishments to those who commit animal abuse. Another point is racism, racists around the world are such a minority compared to racists a couple of decades ago, there is almost no tolerance for racism and I support this idea very strongly because people should let others live their lives the way they choose to without caring about raze or any other secondary aspect. This are for me the most important repercutory changes the Holocaust left us with. Most of us will remember the Holocaust for the rest of our lives, but I think the most important thing we can do now is to try to live a simple life, not to take anything for granted and to fight for what you want and do your best to achieve it without doing any harm to anyone along the way…

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