Option B: (700 words min. and max., double-spaced, footnoted, outside sources may be used) This written assignment is an introduction to the practice of historical research. The objective is to read closely and produce a summary of a substantial essay. The text is a provocative argument put forward by Bill Joy in the assigned reading “Why the future doesn’t need us”, published in the magazine Wired (vol. 8, issue 4, 2000). This summary should identify the thesis and include a general, step-by-step description of the author’s development of his main points. As much as possible, relate to this main thesis the subsequent evidence provided by Joy. Use your own words to explain the author’s reasoning and to describe how he marshals evidence to buttress his key arguments. (Note that it may be easier and more effective to lay out the main thesis and the supporting arguments or evidence in a different order than the one used by Joy.) Key questions that need to be answered: What is the paper’s thesis? How does Joy build support for this thesis?

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