How Ulysses battles with finding contentment and the dissatisfaction of his current position caused by old age.

Ulysses From reading this poem you can see how Ulysses battles with finding contentment and the dissatisfaction of his current position caused by old age. He has spent his good years fighting and trying to return home but now that his journey is complete he feels dissatisfied and yearns to get back out into the world. This struggle of being content and discontent comes from within and the poem helps us to see how he tries to content himself despite his obvious struggle with discontentment. His discontentment is seen early on in this poem from his complaints such as the time he mentions “Matched with an aged wife, I mete and dole” (Line 4, pg 995) as if he was just given his wife and was not a choice of his. This statement indicates that he is dissatisfied with his current situation and being matched with an aged wife doesn’t soften the blow he receives from growing old. As he continues to reminisce on his youthful days when he was full of vigor and proud of himself he goes on to say “I cannot rest from travel; I will drink” (Line 6, pg 996), this statements shows the displeasure he finds in being stable. He will drink he says, maybe drunkenness could relieve him of the pain he suffers when as he tries to deal with his current reality. Throughout the poem we can see that Ulysses must have had a very adventurous past which he much enjoyed. Whenever he speaks of his past he talks of it with much pride, joy, and the description of his heroic-like feats allows us to see that contentment was with him during those times. The question that arises from reading this poem is what becomes of the hero after the quest? Can he still be content as an inactive aged man? Apparently, this is what seems to bother Ulysses thus causing him to reminisce on his victory days. He starts to show some positive signs of being content and try’s to consider the fact that growing old may have benefits and isn’t bad after all, “Old …

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