How is evil repesented in Jekyll and Hyde?

How is evil repesented in Jekyll and Hyde? Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a book that explores the good and evil inside men. This is shown all the way through the book, by jekyll first exploring his evil side then trying to stop it. Good and evil is a point that was most debated when Stevenson was writing this book, because the rituals in Victorian times didn’t allow both sides of your character to come out. For example if you were good you had a dignified character, but you were restricted emotionally and physically. But if you had an “evil” side about you were seen not to be so nice and good. But the people who were seen to be the better side of society were often the ones that felt constricted and trapped. This is what made jekyll try to explore both sides of society. In short he wanted the best of both worlds. Stevenson wrote this book in 1887, when people did talk about the different sides to people. To add to that Stevenson had been very ill throughout his life, so he had, had a lot of time to think about death, and if there were really sides to us. So this must of influenced he a lot throughout the writing of this book. Another book written at this sort of time was Mary Shelly and Frankenstein. Not only did a girl write this, but also she was talking about things that people thought that only men could talk about. Frankenstein is a story about a doctor that creates a monster out of body parts. So Shelly is already looking at creating another side to you. But both books seem to ask the same question. Is evil more powerful then good? I will be answering this question later on in the essay. Edward Hyde is the evil side to Jekyll in the story. He’s the side that never got out until the experiment. Hyde is seen to look deformed, not quite human. This is because he has no good in him. He is pure evil. His voice is also described as evil. “A husky whispering, and somewhat broken voice.” Utterson describes physical f…

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