Homosexual Partners being legally wed

Same-sex marriage is immoral. Although immoral in the dictionary states the opposite of distinguishing between right and wrong, the immoral I refer to is from the religious aspect. Homosexuality is clearly a definite sin of God. Yet, I am aware that to argue from religion may only convince those who are already convinced and alienate the rest, but that is the risk of any argument. Another problem is that it deviates from what every culture in history has recognized as the heart of marriage; which is the creating and education of children for their well being. Same-sex marriage puts a damper on any traditional form of life for our future children, and should be taken into critical consideration. This kind of marriage should never be allowed or looked at as okay to allow, because the practice of homosexuality is a sin that is listed in the Bible along with others that show what is wrong in the eyes of God. The verse I refer to is located in 1Corinthians chapter six verse nine of the Bible. It states that this list of the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Most of the list is in the Ten Commandments. However, the list in 1Corinthians also includes effeminate. Effeminate is another word for the practices of homosexuality. Many can argue that this very same list mentions fornication; yet, we condone fornication all the time. But the difference is that statistics will show that the majority is for fornication and against same-sex marriage. I won’t lie and say that these two aspects are completely different in consequence, because they aren’t. Though, if you refer to the Bible and our creation, you’ll see that we were always set in the path of accepting heterosexuals and opposite sex marriage to the point where we were more conditioned to it, rather than to the realization that fornication was a sin because mainly, it had been going on since the beginning of time. Also, we have to think of the children …

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