Homeopathy was developed during the 1790’s by a Samuel Hahnemann, a German who was a physician.

Homeopathy: It origins/history- Homeopathy was developed during the 1790’s by a Samuel Hahnemann, a German who was a physician. Hahnemann who while experimenting on himself with a anti-malarial drug, noticed that large doses of the drug caused the malaria-like symptoms while smaller doses cured the symptoms. Hahnemann then advanced his theory “Similia similibus curentur,” or “let like be cured with like.” He then developed an extensive system of medicine based on this concept and named it homeopathy, from the Greek words “homois” (the same) and “pathos” (suffering). How it works- There is no real scientific reason for homeopathy working although there are quite a number of theories, none have been scientifically proved. Functions/purpose of treatment- The purpose of homeopathy is to cure the patients who use it on physical, mental and emotional levels. It is also made for the purpose of using it on young children who benefit from not taking drugs and antibiotics instead. Popularity- Homeopathy is very popular with vets, because some drugs may be to strong for weak animals. At the turn of this century 15% of physicians were homeopathic physicians. Medical standing in the community- Homeopathy’s standing in the community is about 50-50. Some doctors and people believe it and some believe that it does not give any relief or cure to the patients. Those people believe that the patient is convinced that he or she is cured when it is merely an illusion. The providers of the service- Homeopaths are the providers of the homeopathic service, but some western doctors do practice homeopathy and western medical treatments. Cost of the treatment- Homeopathy can range from $135-$525 AUS. Dollars for a full session. Your personal opinion/view- My personal opinion and view is that homeopathy is a good treatment that works, as I myself have had it a few times. I believe it is stupid to say it does not work, bec…

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