Hitler’s rise to power.

From 1929 to 1933 one of the most well-known events in the history of the world occurred, Hitler’s rise to power. It tokk him a mere 4 years to go from being the leader of the NAZI party with no real power to being the dictator of a totalitarian state. At first he tried to overthrow the government, but he eventually was to become the dictator of Germany in 1933. Before looking at the steps taken by Hitler in his rise to power, it must be established that Hilter didn’t always have the support of the German people. During the ‘golden years’ of 1925-1929, the majority of votes were held by chancellor Stresemann. The German people liked stresemann as he was turning the country around, making it better for the people. For example, he introduced a new currency, the rentenmark, to try to stablise the hyperinflation that was occurring at the time. As a result, in the the elections of 1928, stresemann and the SPD held 153 seats to the NAZI’s12. However, with the death of stresemann and the beginning of the depression, attitudes towards the new chancellor, Bruning, changed dramatically. When the US stock market crashed, the German economy took a hard blow, and the majority of the country was plunged into poverty. Bruning thought that government needed more money, so he invoked article 48 which gave him emergency powers in 1930. This allowed him to raise the taxes, which in turn caused mass starvation. From this point on he was known as the ‘Hunger Chancellor’. After this the german people lost all faith in the ruling government and were looking elsewhere for support. The 2 parties they looked to for support were the extreme left wing and the extreme right wing, these being the NAZI’s and the communists. This end of parliamentary democracy was the foot hold Hitler needed to start climbing to the top. In the elections of 1930, the NAZI’s increased their vote to 107 seats in parliament. Although they gained many votes, the SPD still held ma…

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