Hillary Wilson, By Any Other

Hilary Wilson By Any Other Hilary Wilson is a little known poet and according to articles posted on the internet, she is an Egyptologist. Unlike other poets like Wordsworth, Elliot and Donne, their poetry can be analysed from what is known of their history and their genre’s. Hilary, a modern day poet uses the images of different roses and flowers in order to convey her message of women and what has become of them. Albert Whittaker and Elizabeth of Glamis are names of roses and when posing the question, “What has become “?.Mrs McGrath” I get the distinct impression that she is comparing women in general to the rose. And not any rose, might I add. These are roses of a distinct nature and are named for their true beauty and their rarity. Elizabeth of Glamis has been compared to the Queen of England and there is a hint that she is talking of the royal family as well. Could Wilson be saying that one does not have to be royalty or a rare species to be appreciated. That true beauty might lie in a simplicity and not necessarily in the top orders of society. Could Wilson be hitting out at royalty when she says that they have all gone down the garden path. Royalty, as we all know, is a controversial topic in many circles with opinions ranging from the validity of their existence to the amounts of money spent on their upkeep every year, especially in England. When she refers to the “hybrid” and the way they “stride in to supplant them”, she could be referring to the cross cultural diversity of women and that the way is now paved for people of different cultures to take over the reign of women in society. I also get the impression that she shuns an all White society and the bourgeousie. She is making a point of all kinds of women when she refers to the hybrid which, according to the Oxford dictionary refers two different aspects in order to come together. As we celebrate Women’s Month is South Africa, I so…

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