Helene Tucker is a lovely and popular girl with such enticing beauty.

Helene Tucker is a lovely and popular girl with such enticing beauty. Despite her dad’s occupation as a paperhanger and her being black, all of the guys in school admired her. They would even clear the path covered by snow that is blocking her way. She is like an angel sent from heaven. Even the heart of the seven-year-old boy named Richard Gregory was captured by her pretty looks. Richard is a poor boy who never got to enjoy life unlike other kids do. Like Helene he is also black, only she is less darker in complexion. Everyday he would go to school just to take a good glance at her. Seeing her was probably the main reason why he eagerly goes to school everyday. When Richard won a contest, he would say that it was for Helene. When he learned to play drums, it was still for her. When the audience would applaud him, he wished she were there to see it. Everytime he gets to achieve something he would always dedicate to her. Sadly, after twenty long years of obsession, he finally got over her. Richard would still go to school everyday. But to his teachers it seems like he doesn’t exist. They think that he’s an idiot. Actually he’s not. It’s because he can’t focus and think well for the reason that he would go to class with an empty stomach. Sometimes, just to satisfy his hunger, he would put toothpaste on his bread and eat it. If only they knew, then they would’ve understood him. Days passed and they are now having the community chest fund raising. The teacher called upon the children’s names and then collected the donation given to them by their parents. After the collection, Richard suddenly approached his teacher and asked why his name wasn’t called. He said that he has three dollars which his dad gave him. But it was actually the money he earned from selling newspaper, shoe shining and other such works. The teacher then replied and abruptly said that he wasn’t really going to be called because the fund rai…

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