Health promotion

Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Plan Written Assignment Guidelines For this assignment you will identify Health promotion and/or disease prevention plan of care for the hypertensive and diabetic aggregate within a community. This plan will be presented as a scholarly paper and be no more than four double-spaced pages, excluding the cover and reference pages. 1. Health strengths that is appropriate for the aggregate you have chosen (the hypertensive and diabetic community dwellers). 2. Two priorities for Health promotion or disease prevention interventions that is community oriented. 3. One relevant Health objectives from the Healthy People 2020 initiative that is relevant to the priorities you have identified. 4. Nursing interventions to help the aggregate or community achieve the objective. 5. A plan for evaluating each of the objectives you identified. 6. At least four references to evidence in the Nursing literature that support your plan. The references must be current within the past five years and from peer-reviewed Nursing journals.

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